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We do not see any reason to preserve a separate application fee for requests to extend authority for launch of geostationary satellites, and elimination of this separate fee category helps to streamline and simplify our fee structures.

  • DivorceIn contrast, NCE stations generally meet their operating expenses with contributions received from listeners and viewers, and also may receive government funding.
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With the exception of urgent cases, Civil business will be adjourned so that resources can be deployed to support Family Law, Child Care Law and essential Criminal business.

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By paying quarterly the majority of your licence is paid for as you use it.

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For similar complaints received after the first year of operation, although the station is not financially responsible for resolving the complaint, it must provide effective technical assistance to the complaining party.

Victoria Police conducts national police record checks.

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The new Single Justice Procedure Notice will be adopted by TV Licencing as well as other relevant prosecutors later this year.

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If this deadline is missed, the case cannot proceed.

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If you are not sure how to plead, or are worried about penalty points or at risk of disqualification, it may well be worth getting early legal advice and representation. Requests for deferral of a fee payment for financial hardship must be accompanied by supporting documentation.

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